Oral Histories and Lowcountry Stories :

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An artifact is just a random find with little or no intrinsic value until the story of how and where it was found is known. Then we have the beginning of a story. When we can tie it into a specific area and time frame, we then reconnect the artifact to the people that once inhabited the land and learn more about what it must have been like to live and use the recovered item. The greater number of artifacts from a certain site, the richer the history becomes. It is our hope that by interviewing divers and other people with a story to tell, we will learn more about this land we call South Carolina today. It is the diver that makes a certain item an historic artifact and in doing so the diver becomes a part of that history.

Although we have several interesting oral histories on DVD we do not have a way to display them on this site at present.  If you are interested in viewing any of these DVDs, please email Drew Ruddy to receive a copy. Hopefully we can present them here in the near future.